čtvrtek 15. října 2015

say goodbye

there was a long pause here and I don't feel like I want to continue in how it was before..

my blog gave me so much. I grew, developed and for a while I found the peace I needed..but then I realized I wanted other things than that..maybe peace is not what I wanted any more..maybe, even if I was perfectly sure of what I wanted, I didn't actually know who I was at all..and I don't think I know it now and I am not sure if I ever will

but it was not only about finding who I am..it was about sharing, giving and receiving

my life is pretty much driven by (kind of) intuition and impulses that I either control or not..and one of my impulses was starting this blog..by the time I was writing my first article I felt like I had the worst time ever..I needed some virtual space to run to..then it developed into other forms of communication and self expression..and it really was a great deal of fun..

the problem is, that things change, people change..and that is inevitable..and during this summer I got the sense like my blog gives me nothing any more..and so I didn't post anything and decided to think about it a bit more and see how I'll feel..now, even though I probably know less then I did before, the main point reminds the same - I don't want this blog any more..

I still want to get creative..and maybe I even will continue one day..maybe on other platform..who knows..

so enough of clichés, let's leave it like it is for now

you can still find me on other social media

I love you all and thank you for all the support I got!

And I was lying
I don't really wanna be fine
It's all over

středa 8. července 2015

c'est la vie

summertime is here! I mean it is not that tropical-temperatures-and-lots-of-sunshine kind of summer but it is warm and I like it a lot..I had my friends here for a past few days which was fun and it made me super happy!..travel-wise I am not planning anything, but how about you? share your plans here, I am interested!

léto je takdy!..no ne přímo takové to tropické a plné sluníčka, ale je teplo a to se mi líbí..nedávno jsme tady měli kamarády, což byla sranda a moc jsem si to užila!..co se cestování týče, nic moc v plánu nemám..ale co vy? shareujte, zajímají mě vaše prázdninové plány!


fluffy cardi - H&M; clutch - New Yorker; top, trousers, shoes - charity shop; glasses - borrowed from Mika (who also took the pictures)

pátek 26. června 2015

that hat

if you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you can probably tell how much I fell in love with the denim bucket hat..at first I was a bit sceptical and afraid I won't have guts to wear it but I actually worn it from the moment I left the store..after my return from Czech the Glasgow weather surprised me (in the bad way) but it's gone better and I am enjoying my time here a lot! just being with my friends, walking a lot, doing sports, discovering places I've never been, visiting cultural events, eating well = feeling great..hope you guys are having fun too! :)

pokud sledujete můj Facebook a Instagram, mohli jste si všimnout jak moc jsem si zamilovala tento džínový klobouček..nejdřív jsem byla dost skeptická a bála jsem se, že nebudu mít odvahu ho nosit, ale od momentu, co jsem vyšla z obchodu jsem ho nesundala z hlavy..po návratu z ČR do Glasgow mě (dost nepříjemně) překvapilo počasí, ale už se zlepšilo a teď si život tady zase užívám! chodím ven s kamarády, sportuju, hodně chodím, navštěvuju kultůru, objevuju nová místa, dobře jím = cítím se skvěle..doufám, že se taky máte bezva! :)

hat, turtle neck, trousers, coat - charity shop; backpack - Primark; shoes - Adidas

neděle 21. června 2015

about to study abroad? tips and FAQ

as you may or may not know, I study in Glasgow..and let me tell you, this massively changed my life..from the moment I decided to go till now, there have been so much going on and I wish there was someone experienced who would just tell me what to do straight from the beginning..I had made mistakes, sometimes I was led purely by my intuition but these are my little tips on what I did or what I would do if I was about to study abroad!

choose wise (the uni, the place)

I wrote all about the application process here so have a look..but let me say this one more time: choose wise! this place is going to be your home town for a long period of time..check out how is this uni going in the ranking but not only the uni itself but your course, since every uni sort of has it's specialization..
also think about the city - do you prefer to be surrounded by old buildings or are you a more of a modern person..do you like calm small town or you're a bit of a city lover..is this city good to find a job at? etc.

consider accommodation

at first it all seems very overwhelming and scary..the prices are high and you don't know what to expect..you are not sure if you wanna take the whole responsibility and search the room / flat on your own or you just want to get everything sorted easily and simply get the room at halls..

I'll tell you my experience and also some reactions I got from my friends..freshers usually go for the halls, since it is simple..you get some extra advantages with being at halls, like at our uni - the gym pass for free..the student buildings are usually located close to the uni (in most cases the closer the more expensive), but there are ones like 30-45 minutes far away too..but our uni does free rides on the minibus for the people living there..I have visited a few halls..sometimes my friends had their own room and also small bathroom (like 1m x 1m of space, literally), or room shared with another person and kitchen for around 6 people, or flat with 1 flatmate..depends..you have to check the choices on the internet..but I just think halls are overpriced..that is probs because British students have refund for their accommodation so they don't have to worry about the cost and that's why the prices are set like this..but they mostly just use the halls for the first year and then they all find flat with friends..

finding flat on your own is harder..you have to go through a lot of viewings and see many flats before you finally get something similar (or not) to what you want..don't be scared if you see really ugly places that look like they will fall apart in a minute..it takes time..some people really want to trick you because you don't have much experience..sometimes there are even cheats that will tell you to send your details (including passport no., bank account, etc.) and deposit before seeing the flat (which looks like heaven on the pictures)..so please be careful!..probably the best thing is to come in advance (more in the point below) and maybe stay at somebody's place (I tried couchsurfing which is a great thing but you really have to know that the person is able to let you stay for a longer time) or find some cheap hostel..always prepare questions and ask about the things you don't know and also prepare money for the deposit which is usually a worth monthly rent price..

move earlier + adapt yourself

this is what I said in the past paragraph – do come earlier..this would be much easier since the first days are hectic and if you come too late (like me, 2 days before the term starter = big big mistake) it will be much harder and you will probably find yourself desperate in the middle of nowhere and ALONE (unless you have fab friend like Barbora who will lend you money and keep you in her house and show you the town and give you her phone and will be the shoulder to cry on)..besides, the school is hard itself, living in country full of people speaking language you have spoken just a few times a week at your high school (or never in case of Scottish English haa) is new and moving miles away from home is just pain = this all together is an emotional cocktail and is not easy to handle..

with new country there are new rules to follow and formalities you have to arrange..I would start with getting phone card, opening a bank account, (in the UK) getting National Insurance Number (which will enable you to work), sorting out the insurance and all that jazz..

also don't wait for others to take all the job positions..print out a few CVs and go to the bars, cafes, restaurants, google if the high street shops are posting any vacancies on their web..

it took me ages to get to know the means of transport here, also orientation in the streets, etc..go out there, ask and try!..right now there is one thing that works the best for me – walking!..but I wanna get my own bike at some point because it saves so much time, energy and it is ecological (hurray to bikes)..

and the last point is making this place really your place..not only by meeting new people who you'd feel happy with, but also finding spots you like..I found out I much prefer different library in town to the uni library as it is always crowded..I also found on-line magazine with cultural events in Scotland – The Skinny, which is now my bible..basically I googled some guides, browsed blogs and websites and also discovered things by walking around the city (and you can find few of my tips for Glasgow and Edinburgh on Travelwave)..

studying abroad is an amazing chance for new beginnings, for finding who you are and what you want..so my last very important hint would be just don't be afraid and go for it!

pondělí 1. června 2015

spring and baby pink

although it should almost be summer, Scottish weather is just everything but not summery..and I felt like I needed a bit more colour in my life, so I bought these playful vintage Reeboks and candy floss like t-shirt which is now one of my favourites! I wore this combo yesterday and my lovely friend Mika Kailes took the pictures!
right now there is one thing I am looking forward to - my 2-week trip to CZ! honestly, I can't wait! I hope it's gonna be great..it better be!

přesto, že je skoro léto, skotské počasí se neustále mění, ale do letního má teda pěkně daleko..a tak jsem měla potřebu trochu 'oživit' svůj šatník..pořídila jsem si vintage Reeboky a roláček v barvě cukrové vaty..včera jsem měla tuhle kombinaci a můj kamarád Mika Kailes mě vyfotil!
momentálně žiju ze svého dvoutýdenního výletu do ČR! a upřímně, nemůžu se dočkat a doufám, že to bude super!

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